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Friday, July 25, 2014

Owl pressies

meet Ragnar. the owlest of them all

blackboard on our kitchen wall. forgotten in Leeds. from Neil.

also from Neil

from Markie for my new job

 ring from Marketa and Keith

 T-shirt from Marketa and Keith

 Swarovski chrystal card from from Horea Sibișteanu

 also from Horea Sibișteanu

how lucky, had a ring to go with the necklace:

remains of Japan; thank you Horea Sibișteanu, Alex Mustatea and Roman Pașca

from New York to Tokyo, thank you Sinziana Carstocea

from New York to Leeds, thank you Sinziana Carstocea

from Cluj/Bucharest to Tokyo, thanks to Dad, Bogdan Iancu and Monica Stroe

from Bucharest to Tokyo, thanks Mum!

 from Irene and John

jewellery case, also from Irene and John


 from Brigitte

from Andreea and Andrei

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