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Thursday, July 5, 2018


Warwick Castle

Time to let go
“The owl of Minerva spreads its wings only with the falling of the dusk”.
[with Minerva, her owl and my best owl provider, in Bucharest]

They are everywhere in Leeds and that's where we started noticing them

Townhall, Leeds, UK

Bridge, Leeds, UK

Market, Leeds, UK

Urban Outfitters, Leeds

Art Museum, Leeds

by Claire Bentley-Smith, in Leeds

Gracie, our niece, owl-ed up
Tunbridge Wells, UK

from Gracie's Mum:

from Gracie's Gran:




courtesy of Anonymous ART of Revolution

@ Edinburgh



San Sebastian


bar in San Francisco

Little Italy, San Francisco

San Francisco (courtesy of Sinziana Carstocea)

Ubud Market, Bali, Indonesia

Espoo, Finland

Kunsthal, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

near Cluj-Napoca, Romania, courtesy of Mugur Ilea

made by Petruța Teampău, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

in Cluj

Turda Saltmine, Romania

near Bucharest, courtesy of Catalin Oancea

near Bucharest, courtesy of Ileana Oancea

Ileana's owls, yet again

courtesy of Ileana and Catalin Oancea

near Bucharest, courtesy of Dorothee Hasnas

  Iasi, courtesy of Horea Sibisteanu

Lacul Rosu (Romania), courtesy of Horea Sibisteanu

on wasting time, by Aaron Balázs
Începem HungaRomânismele Viceversa cu buha - sora de codru literar a Bufniței cu puță de cupru, pe care-o bine știți deja
A fute buha (a pierde vremea) - baszni a baglyot (semmittevés)

in Brussels, from Sin-san

courtesy of Simona Valentin

via Laura Giurgiuman

courtesy of Akeem Dan

courtesy of Tell Bell, UK

Angelina in York, UK

Clifton, UK

courtesy of Maciek Sekerdej, Poland

Merry and Happy. Courtesy of Keith.

Courtesy of  Neil's student

on Postsecret

courtesy of Lost at E Minor

courtesy of High Intelligence Office

Courtesy of Dave Gorman

via Marius Davidoni

via Horea Sibișteanu

via Alex Mustatea

Artwork by ‘Red’ Hong Yi

via Otto el pilotto

courtesy of True Activist

via Sinzana Carstocea

by June Leeloo

via Pashka Sensei

"Owl mid-flight" on Amazing Things in the World

via postsecret.com

via Carmen Cesareanu

Twit Twoo ... How many owls can you spot? A tiny owlet is almost invisible at first glance as it blends into the feathers of its mother. Even wildlife photographer Marina Scarr only realised she had taken pictures of two owls after she looked at the image on her camera while taking pictures in Desoto park, Florida. Photograph: Marina Scarr/Caters News Agency

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