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Monday, April 2, 2018

from Romania with love

courtesy of Bogdana

Maria Popistasu

courtesy of Deea

best tomato crop ever. by tanti mama lu' Oana, in Cheglevici (Timis, Romania)


tonight: Sânziene (Romanian Midsummer)

Cristina Neagu, best handball player in the world


skiing on the road

courtesy of Alexandra Dinca

Adina and co

Liviu, Caro and her uncle

Lala and friends in Manastur, my hood

Codruta's sister

Romanian football team wears strips with math equations to encourage kids to stay in school
these kids (from Sieu, Maramures) will need it; with parents working abroad (Belgium), they are among the most likely to drop out of school
A documentary about these children here: http://waitingforaugust.be/

Loredana and son

Rebecca, courtesy of her Mum

Luna Amara, a Romanian band I used to like


 courtesy of Anama
courtesy of Liviu Banuta

actress - Colo 

actor - unknown
photographer - unknown
courtesy of #ArhivaDeImagine #MȚR


 courtesy of Raluca Moise

courtesy of Raluca Olteanu

of a hill


Valentine's; courtesy of Bogdan Iancu

Claudiu; courtesy of Miron Ghiu

courtesy of avetisiperoz.ro

courtesy of Monica Bogdan

again, courtesy of Ionut Drulea

courtesy of Ionut Drulea

Happy Birthday, Sergiu! 

let the beach season begin!

courtesy of Nick Fagadar
Easter paraphernalia

Hydra Society

Cluj-Napoca, 2014

Rovinari, 2002

R.I.P. Rozbil
And Alice in Wonderland and everything after.

courtesy of Simona Valentin

courtesy of Ana Maria Dolinski

courtesy of Marius Davidoni

courtesy of Dorothee Hasnas


courtesy of Andra Matzal


courtesy of Alina Floroi

courtesy of Emil Hossu-Longin

courtesy of Rucsandra Pop

courtesy of Discover Bucovina

courtesy of Kathleen Laraia McLaughlin

courtesy of facebook

courtesy of Dorothee Hasnas

courtesy of Alexandra Săceanu

courtesy of Mara Campeanu

ground control to Major Tom;
courtesy of Vlad Naumescu

courtesy of Despina Badescu

"so can you"
courtesy of Simona Valentin

courtesy of Oana Monoran

courtesy of Bro

courtesy of Edwin Keleti

(girl looking through the bus window in the background, priceless)

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