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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to pitch

Richard Morgan recounts his seven years as a freelance writer.

hi editor,
i'm excited to work with you on any innovative new projects you're planning. specifically, i'm looking to be involved in something that takes public data that nobody else has noticed and lays out a broad, complicated, everyday, powerfully subtle truth relating to shocking, poignant human dramas. something intellectual and breezy with a real red-meat statistical core that's garnished with fun, topical pop culture references. something that brings ordinary people's deepest private fears and anxieties and taboos into sharp relief in a way they feel comfortable sharing and being photographed for — but also something i can infuse with celebrities' and other power players' candid, vulnerable, insightful epiphanies that i'd like to draw out of 20-minute phone conversations. so… ideally, i'd like to do this at $1/word in about 300 or 400 words, not including captions for the online slideshow or any part of the audio and video supplements i'll put together as well. i'd only need a week or so to file this.
thanks again for this opportunity. i'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

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