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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Our Logan MCV

Fancy magazine (DoR) star (here).

Chosen by Bro, Bucharest, autumn 2010

Properly christened, ready for the Bucharest-Brussels trip, courtesy of Mum, winter 2010

Over-loaded, Brussels-Briancon trip, winter 2011
We still cannot believe how much stuff we managed to squeeze in this car.

In the French Southern Alps it was far from being the only Logan MCV around, even the village police had a couple. Every time we saw a Logan MCV we shouted "Brother!" An identical white one would be acknowledged as a "twin". We saw many brothers and twins during the four months spent there.

Twin, Cluj, spring 2011

Flowery twin

Twin, Bucharest (and favourite), spring 2011, courtesy of Simona

Resting after the Briancon-Leeds trip, spring 2011

In England we're the only ones driving this type of car, haven't met a brother or a twin so far. The alien feeling tends to be enhanced by having the steering wheel on the other side. And by being stopped and asked about it. So f$%$*$* special!

English Breakfast in Kettlewell (Yorkshire Dales), autumn 2011

Window view with car, Tunbridge Wells, spring 2014

Car-boot sales, Tunbridge Wells, summer 2014

New model pimped-up Volcom brother in Biarritz / San Sebastian, autumn 2014

Never thought we'd see another Dacia (Duster) on our street, Tunbridge Wells, autumn 2014

Theirs and ours, Sussex, spring 2016

Ours and ours, Tunbridge Wells, summer 2016

After six years on the road, we decided it was time to get a car with the wheel on the right side, and we're taking the Logan MCV back home.

Long road back home, Loire Valley, summer 2016

Long road back home, somewhere in Eastern Europe, summer 2016

En route to skiing in Romania, Apuseni Mountains, winter 2016-2017

Back home, Cluj county, winter 2016-2017

Bonus: timelapse

Volcom-ing it up

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