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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Sidewalk live

I saw the reformed Pavement when they played Brussels last week. A stonking gig, all classic songs that sounded as fresh and vital as ever.

I only took the two photos above before my camera battery died. Luckily KomorogovJr captured some heady moments and posted them to youtube.

Here's his video of the opening song, Cut your Hair:

Here's links to his videos from the the gig of Fight this generation and Range life.

I'd never seen many of the Pavement promo vids before, but just spent a morning discovering them. They're generally pretty lo-fi affairs, which adds to their appeal for me:

My fave is Gold Soundz (santas in the city, for no particular reason), followed by The Spike-Jonze directed Shady Lane (nostalgic cycling, headless singing, driverless driving) and Range life (On tour, perhaps the one with Smashing pumpkins mentioned in the lyrics? Would certainly explain their pissed-offness). Apparently Billy Corgan's not over that dissing yet.

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