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Monday, April 30, 2018

O(l)dd Romanian advertising

Ramona, makes boobs harder in 4-6 weeks, no more bra, off with it!

"Sea bathing in Mamaia, where the two sexes can admire each other." (1912)

anytime, anywhere, Cico (the Romanian Coke before '89) 

Do you want to arrive?
from the "Brush" shop
Thanks to the brush you'll always be clean,
you'll get any job,
you'll get out of any trouble,
you'll be able to make money,
you'll be a famous man.

Smoked too much? Take some Pyramidon and it's all fine.

We visited the Romanian Cultural Institute exhibition "From the sublime to the ridiculous: 70 years of advertising in Romania".

Though the quality of the exhibition was a bit ropey, with scanned prints hung in what looked like a dusty 80s style meeting room, it was interesting none the less.

The magic painkiller, still produced in one of the few remaining Romanian medicine factories, also known as "Antinevrilac" by the connaisseurs. Nothing else has ever worked for our headaches.

Another pill, totally unknown, "the French women's secret" to staying slim.

The "wonder of the season": Sea Eagle's "cheap and beautiful" textiles.

Same company, different advert, spring 1956

How about these ski outfits, straight from (back then) Czechoslovakia:
"Sport clothing should be bought from specialists only!"

And school uniforms... good old uniforms. The kiddies' style went from the 1st to the 4th grade (primary school), the "young adult" version from the 5th to the 12th (secondary school and highschool). The uniforms were communistisized: from 1st to 8th grade children were "pioneers"- the Romanian equivalent of scouts - wearing a red neckerchief.

As for technology, in random order:

Radio, "unbeatable in recent-ness and rendition"


Classic German brand reaches the Romanian market.

"Could a Trabant
Pull an elephant?
Does it sound improbable?
With PECO gas everything is possible!"

PECO was the state gas producer and distributor (the only one...)

Another instance where advertising may have been unnecessary, in a monopolised economy.
C.E.C. was the National Savings House, which belonged to the National Bank.

"Wherever I stay
Wherever I go
I have a firend
My C.E.C. savings book"

This one's not from the exhibition, but is an example of the direction where contemporary Romanian adverts are heading.

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