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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Too good at snowboarding

I'm liking this trend for pro snowboarders to make behind the scenes films of themselves riding around normally. It's much more interesting to see them messing around on the sort of stuff that regular riders could contemplate doing than the crazy terrain and polished filming you see on the "proper" videos.

To me, it reinforces just how good they are.

Exhibit one: Eiki Helgason's top-to-bottom run at Northstar. Here's his brother, Halldor, who's even better. And he still falls over.

Exhibit two (or should this be three?) : Snowboarder Mag's Loon Super session (though not sure if this qualifies on the "stuff regular people do" front)

Exhibit three/four: TWS at Bear Mountain. Warning: this features Mark Frank Montoya, but thankfully he doesn't get to talk.

(given up on that exhibit thing) And just to show it not just the kids who can do stylish and technical riding on not too big terrain, here's some nostalgia from the master Terje from 1994(?)  (I was looking for a top-to-bottom run that I remember seeing once on a video, but I couldn't find it right now).

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