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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Winston Link

Winston Link biography.

Photographs could take from several hours to days to set up, and there was
only one opportunity to get the shot as the train sped by, sometimes at
sixty miles per hour.

He financed the entire project himself, spending about $125,000
in today's dollars, at a time when there was no proven demand for such

He had special flash reflectors built, one of which could hold up
to eighteen bulbs, for lighting huge areas. He used a power supply which he
designed and built that could fire sixty flashbulbs at once, while at the
same time tripping the shutters of three cameras, all perfectly synchronized
together. Electrical cable connected the flash unit's cameras and power
supply, and Winston carried thousands of feet of it in a trailer towed
behind his car.

What happened to some of his photographs later on is also interesting, with a
legal case emerging.

Link became the victim of a plot by his wife, Conchita Mendoza, and her lover,
Ed Hayes, a man Link had previously hired to rebuild his prized steam
locomotive. The criminal investigation and court case following the divorce lead
on to Mendoza's arrest and conviction of grand theft in the first degree
stemming from her theft of approximately 1,400 photographs. She was subsequently
sentenced to six to twenty years in prison.

The story behind hot shot, one of Link's most famous photos.

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