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Saturday, July 7, 2018


on june 1st, International Children's Day
courtesy of Markie


Cz; courtesy of David Mirzoev

lavender fields


1st day of school
schoolbag with family flags

Happy 4!

where is Anna?

stripes and owls!!!

Welcome Anna!

2 years of

looking for a bargain at car-boot sale

cutest Halloween spider

she knows her dots! Gracie is very opinionated about shoes
- unacceptable (screams when sees them)

- acceptable (moderated noise upon contemplation)

favourite gesture nowadays

Holly and Grace on the beach

Happy Birthday!

1st ski-trip
getting ready

on the road


nah, sledging better

on a mini Xmas... niece and aunt.2 finally meet

the remains of Japan... on a welcome mini karaoke


a true Scottish lass

with friend


witch like aunt.2's colleague


yukata like uncle.2's

with Mum

with Dad

with Mum and uncle.2

with uncle.1

with aunt.1

with Granma

with Granpa

starting to get tired of being a star...

that's all, folks...

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